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Help Guide Contents

> Getting Started

> Signing Up


> Editing your Profile Picture


> Editing your Background Photo


> Understanding and Using your Account


       > Making a Portfolio 

             > What you Should Include 

       > My Account

       > Notifications 

       > Settings 


> Using Workspace

       > Where to post

       > Sharing your post

       > Post Settings

       > Editing a Post

       > Comments

       > Report Abuse 

> Networking

    > Reporting Abuse


> Sharing you Profile 

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Ineffable Help Guide


Why do I need a digital portfolio?

Your portfolio is a reflection of you and who you are. We understand that every person is different and may have different materials that they want to include in order to make your portfolio stand out! This is simply a guideline for you to get started, but really, we encourage you to make your portfolio really reflect you as a whole! A digital portfolio is a great way to share who you are with colleges, jobs, internships, etc!

Signing Up

To sign up you will want to visit www.ineffable.education. From there, move your cursor to the upper right hand corner of the screen and click on the “Login | Sign up” button. From there, you have a option of signing up with a e-mail, FaceBook or Google Plus. We wanted to make our platform as user friendly as we possibly can, and understanding that a majority of schools use Google as there student’s accounts, we wanted to give students the option of signing up using Google Plus.

Editing your Profile Picture

Your profile picture is really what people see when they first encounter the account, so make sure that it is actually your picture. We do not recommend using cartoons or something generic, but rather a actual picture of you. We also recommend that you use a photo that is chest and up, you look formal in, and your face is visible. Make sure no other people are in the photo in order to avoid confusion on which person in the photo is actually you. To edit your profile photo click on the “Edit” button in the bottom of the profile box, found in the upper left hand corner of the web page. Click on the camera icon and select a photo from your computer.

Editing your Background Photo

You background photo is a space where you can get creative. Feel free to add something more artsy, or a group photo you have with people you like, etc. This is just something extra that is at your disposition in order to make your account unique and different. To edit your profile background photo, click on the “Edit” button in the bottom of the profile box, found in the upper left hand corner of the web page. Click on the camera icon and select a photo from your computer.

Understanding and Using your Account

Understanding and Using your Account

Under the profile box, you are going to find your account information. You will see 5 tabs (Portfolio, forum posts, my account, notifications, and settings), while when someone access you account they will only see 2 of those tabs (Portfolio and forum Posts). These tabs are made to help you manage your account

"Portfolio" Tab

This is the “front page of you”. This is the first thing people are going to see when they access your account using your link. We recommend that if you have already made a resume and would like it posted onto your account, take a screenshot of it and add using the camera icon in the lower right hand corner of your portfolio workspace. TO KNOW WHAT ELSE TO ADD TO YOUR PORTFOLIO, we ask that you go to the "What should you include in your portoflio?" section of the help center by clicking here.

"My Account" Tab

Under the “My Account” tab you will find all of the information that is connected to your account. This info is privet and only accessible by you and the ineffable team. The only think we recommend that you change in here in your “Portfolio Page URL”. This URL is what you share in order to allow others to access your prtoflio. Make it short and simple. We recommend that it is simply your first and last name; that way your URL will look like, www.ineffable.education/profile/karolpara. When you are done editing ant of the information, click on the “Update Info” button on the lower part of the screen. Without clicking that button, none of your edits will be saved.

"Notifications" Tab

This is your notification center where you will find any likes that you recieve on any of your workspace posts. You can manage your notifications and where you see them by going to the “Settings” tab.

What you should include in your portfolio?

What you should include in your portfolio?

We recommend that you write a short couple sentence introduction to who you are. This way the person checking out your account is greeted by something nice and they have a view of who you are right off the bat. Don’t make it too long. Sweet and consis is what you should be shooting for.

Your Experience

This is a big one because it makes up a majority of your text on your portfolio. We recommend that under this section you include every job, internship, exec board position, etc. Don’t include small things like club involvement or volunteer work. You will have a different spot to put those. The most straightforward way of writing these down is by listing them in chronological order. Start with your current one/most recent one, and work backwards. The format of writing each one should look like this: Example: Senior Intern ( January 2019- Present) ABC Tech Company, Palos Hills, Illinois - Oversaw work done by other interns, worked on scheduling, processing and filling orders. - Operated software help desk NOT ALL FORMATS ARE THE SAME, so we recommend that you do something that you think works best and LOOKS GOOD! Your personal outlook on the style matters, and these guidelines are simply and only GUIDELINES. You have personal freedom on how you want the world to see you!


Yah, we know that you are probably not even done with high school yet, but that’s ok. We encourage you to list your high school as your education. Don’t mention your middle school or elementary school unless you are in one at the moment (we doubt you are though). It should be written in the following format: Example: ABC High School, Palos Hills, IL GPA: 4.0 (August 2018 - Present)

Language Skills

Most high school students are required to take 2 years of a language, and since you are putting that much work into learning a language you should be able to put it in your portfolio! Everyone has different language skills, and so you can rate your language skills in the following categories: - Native or Bilingual Proficiency: Applies to someone who is native to the language - Elementary Proficiency: Less than a year of taking the language - Limited Working Proficiency: One year or more - Professional Language Proficiency: You know how to use the language professionally - Full professional Language proficiency: You can sit down and talk with the president of that country, but still have a accent.

Social Media

Your social media links. We know, this sounds weird to include, but think about it this way. Your social media account reflects who you are as a person. If you think that you have a account that is professional but also shows who you are, feel more than free to link it. To link a account, all you have to do is highlight text and click on the link icon.

Club Involvement and Memberships

Club involvement and memberships. Everyone is involved in some club, and these clubs reflect who you are and what you chose to spend your time doing. List the club, how long you’ve been doing it, and what the club is about. We recommend you use this format: Club Name - School that club is associated with (Year you joined the club - Year you left the club/Present if you are still involved) This club is about…. EXAMPLE: Business Club - Amos Alonzo Stagg High School 2017 - Present At A.A. Stagg H.S. Business Club we part take in running the school store where each one of our members gets training in customer service, handling money, and are involved in different projects/committees that help the store and club grow through addition of new products, marketing, etc.

Volunteer Works

Volunteer work. If you have done any volunteer work that you are proud of, list it! Then you can go on to talk more about it in the workspace and link your workspace post with that volunteer listing.


Projects. If you were a part of some big projects that you are proud of and think that they should be listed. List them. Then you can go on to talk more about that project in a workspace post, and link that workspace post with that project.

Published Works

Published works. Your school probably has a newspaper or literary magazine, or maybe you are just really cool and got a own published work. How ever your work got published officially it doesn’t matter, you can list it onto your portfolio. We recommend that you add it in the following way: Name of Work Date Work was Created Name of where it was published YOU CAN PUBLISH THINGS USING INEFFABLE, by using the workspace. But all of your published works using Ineffable are going to be collected under the “Forum Post” tab.

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