Our voice in climate needs to be heard. Think outside the box, and say it inside the cube.

It's a Cube, 

an 8 foot by 8-foot cube, 

where you can tell politicians, 

old people, climate deniers, and whoever else you think needs to hear the message about climate change, your voice in the climate discussion. 

Climate Cube is a way for you to take your thoughts out from Twitter and Instagram captions, into real pieces of influential legislation and voter awareness campaigns. 

Walk into the Cube, and answer one question

"What do you think should be done about climate change?"

How to use Climate Cube

1. Step into Climate Cube and look into the camera. Then, say what you think politicians, voters, and the general public should do or know about climate change. 
2. Walk out of Climate Cube and sign the walls of the cube. Leave a message too!
3. Take a picture outside the Climate Cube and tweet or gram a post to your state representatives and senators using the hashtag #ClimateCube and tagging them!

Where is Climate Cube?

Climate Cube will be at A.A. Stagg High School on FRIDAY MAY 10th during Stagg Fest!
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People Behind Climate Cube

Climate Cube is brought to you as a live art installation thanks to A.A. Stagg Highschool's Social Action Club and Ineffable Education. 
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