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Karol Para is the presidential candidate for the 2019 Smith Ap Gov Class United States President. 

Para is a hardworking midwesterner rooted in his global view of America and it's stance as a world power that needs the right type of leadership to lead people just like you! The best people.

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Carnation Party Platform

May 2019

Table of Contents


S I - Economy and Taxes

S II - Foreign Policies

S III - Education

S IV - Second Amendment Rights

S V - Healthcare

S VI - Abortion

S VII - Terrorism and National Security

S VIII - Same-Sex Marriage

S IX - Immigration

S X - Environment and Alternative Energy



Economy and Taxes


When it comes to the economy and taxes, the Carnation Party wants to reform the way income tax is measured and how people pay taxes when they shop. In doing that, we want to introduce a two-bracket system, in which taxpayers that make $80,000 a year or less pay 15% income tax to the national government, while anyone who makes over $80,001 pays 25% tax to the national government. When it comes to paying taxes, individuals will pay tax on what they earn instead of taxing the combined household income. We believe that this way we are able to standardize the way taxes are paid by our citizens, making it easier and more affordable for everyone, while still generating a good amount of tax revenue.  


When it comes to taxes during shopping, across all states we want to implement a system where taxes are already included in the price of the good or service being purchased by the consumer.


At the heart of our economic policy, we want to use that reformed tax system in order to create a social welfare safety net for things such as Medicaid and government subsidized healthcare for individuals who make under $40,000 a year. We also support the hiring of minimum wages in order to ensure that everyone, no matter where they live or what they do, is paid a fair living wage.



Foreign Policy


Our foreign policy sees a lot of support for NAFTA as it is the core of America’s imports and exports, and ensures not only an economic relationship with our neighboring countries of Mexico and Canada but also an economic powerhouse that has influence over the trade happening throughout the world. Partnering and endorsing the European Union in order to promote western values of democracy and freedom is key to taking a dominant stance on the world stage. Working with the African Union also gives us a stake and foot in the door when it comes to the developing African markets that have the potential to grow to consume American products.


Ensuring that we created a close relationship with all members of the BRICS countries is a way we can keep close to members of the world stage that have not played fair in recent years when it comes to human rights violations, governmental suppression, and intervention in other countries politics and elections. All in all, our foreign policy is rooted in the concept of providing every country values of democracy and freedom.




When it comes to the topic of education we believe that it needs to become standardized across the nation and influenced heavily by the federal government. The amount of inequality that is present throughout the nation in terms of teacher pay, school funding, and programs present in schools is unbelievable. Using the new tax system we want to have the federal to standardized the amount a teacher is paid based on the average income in the area of the school and adding on $20,000 a year. (This number will also vary based on the education a teacher has and programs that a teacher is a part of). An official government takes over of standardized testing is part of our party's platform, as none should profit off the education that students are given as a human basic right. This means that institutions and companies such as College Board and ETS will be shut down and become illegal, while an official government bureaucracy will be created to deal with testing on the AP and SAT level.



Second Amendment Rights


Protecting the second amendment rights of our citizens is important, as we believe that if our founding fathers framed such a right in the constitution, we must endorse the right and tailor it to the 21st century. This means that due to recent events the second amendment rights need to ensure safety, by providing a more vetted system when citizens want to protect themselves by buying and owning guns. A more vetted system means mental health and safety tests when anyone over the age of 21 wants to purchase any sort of weapon. Every household with any sort of gun needs to have a safe present that must be inspected and reported to the local sheriffs' office, ensuring that guns are registered and in a safe place. This vetted system also creates a way for our citizens to feel safer when owning and purchasing guns.



Health Care


The current system of health care is one that finds roots in the American principles of capitalism but does have serious flaws that we want to address during our parties campaigning. To start, outlawing any sort of discrimination due to a pre-existing condition is a key fact in creating a health care system that is tailored towards all Americans. This is a piece of legislation that we want to introduce in Congress and bring forth new light and the ability for those who especially need insurance coverage.


Going on, we want to create a socially subsidized health care system that covers all children under the age of 18 and continues coverage as long as they are either serving actively in the military or participating full time in an academic institution, college, or university. This way, students and children alike can focus on gaining an education that can help push them forward on both the social and financial latter. Continuing social subsidies for health care, the Carnation Party fully supports Medicare and Medicaid for elderly, as the US is seeing a growing number of older citizens that need to be taken care of under a government plan subsidized by taxes. Ensuring that more and more Americans are able to reach beyond the poverty line, the Carnation Party also wants to subsidize a public health care system that is available to individuals who report under $40,000 in income tax a year, and are full-time employees that are not receiving any sort of education. This way, less money has to be taken out of working Americans pockets, and more can be put back into the economy through discretionary spending, that helps to subsidize the program further on, creating a full cycle system. When it comes to the question of “who” will pay for this, employers that pay employees under $40,000 a year must pay into the government health care system $5,000 for each individual with such income, for each tax year. This fee will also go on to encourage employers to pay more to their employees. When it comes to freelancers and people who are not hired by one person through a long period of time, those members are waved from the fee.


Citizens that qualify for any of these programs many opt out of the program at any time as long as all payments and issues have been resolved during the citizens time in the system.





In the case of abortion, we have a clear stance. The Carnation Party believes that it has to be regulated in some form throughout all of America. Although, the CP feels that this regulation can only be done by more women being present in Congress for these laws to be effective as these laws go on to influence women in the long run. Concluding, in the case of abortion, the CP will continue to endorse more women being present in Congress through subsidizing campaigns of women from not only the CP but other political parties, in order for their voices to be heard and for laws to be present that reflect the voices of women on a national level.


Terrorism and National Security


In the plea for national security, the CP believes that national security is at risk due to high levels of terrorist acts happening by foreigners and native-born Americans. In addressing this issue, the CP believes in that laws should be implemented, in the case of addressing foreign terrorists, drug traffickers, and criminals, where countries and regions with higher levels of such activity will see a lower level of visas and green cards being approved in order to stop such a high flow of these types of threats to our nation. When it comes to addressing terrorism and the security of our country within the USA, we believe that mental health checks should be a necessity to all that come for any sort of wellness check. We believe that such a wellness implementation is a way to secure our borders from the inside, as more and more data has been surfacing that issues with people, who commit atrocities that later on threaten the safety of any American, can be seen at early stages of people’s lives.


These wellness checks can be opted out of, in order to not infringing on anyone’s civil liberties, but all members who participate in wellness check will see a $20 a year tax cut if they participate in such a wellness check at least once a year.



Same-sex Marriage


The CP will work to ensure that all members of American society are represented equally and that any sort of ruling by the Supreme Court will be upheld and supported by the CP and presidential candidate of the CP. Measures will be taken to hold accountable any citizens who go on to infringe on the rights of any other citizen, as such measures are already in place with other laws that are present in the legal structure of the US.





When it comes to the topic of immigration, the Carnation Party argues and points out America is a melting pot of cultures. A soup like no other is present in this marveling melting pot, a culinary masterpiece. But just as any good cook makes sure that all ingredients going into the soup are fresh, clean, and necessary in order for the soup not to spoil, the CP wants to do the same with immigration.


The CP wants to ensure that all immigrants coming through the border are thoroughly vetted in order to make sure that our soup stays good. Such vetting will be implemented abroad, in many of the US’ embassies, ensuring that everyone who is given a chance to enter our country, can in some way shape or form prove that they are able to benefit the US in a way, need to seek asylum in the US, or have the economic and financial means to sustain themselves in the US. These persons must also ensure that all sorts of identification are present when they apply for residency or a visa to the US, as this way the US is able to keep track of who is coming in and out, as well as their history that could infringe of the way that the soup is made.



Environment and Alternative Energy


The CP endorses with all hands on deck the Green New Deal, as the CP believes that it’s system of goals and mandates for the US is a good way of keeping aligned with not only global standards when it comes to the Climate Crisis, but also is a great way to implement new jobs into the economy, and become a global leader and example when it comes to the green revolution that has taken root in many Asian and European nations. The CP wants to endorse the Green New Deal by introducing it back into Congress and informing the public and Congressmen about its contents. A 14-page deal that is shorter than the Cheesecake Factory Menu, and has the potential to move the nation into the right side of history, is something the CP takes very seriously.


The declaration of the Climate Crisis being a national emergency is something that the CP wants to do within the first 100 days in office, by having the CP presidential candidate officially declare such a national emergency. This would shed new light on the topic of the climate crisis and would go on to help promote America as a leader in the discussion about the future of not only our nation but also the world.


The implementation of a Carbon Price is something that the CP is taking seriously. We believe that this is a great way of covering a lot of the social subsidized programs that we want to introduce, while also going on to promote the development of lower carbon emission technology, that once again would promote the U.S’ stand on the world stage. When implementing the Carbon Price, the price would only be put on business that higher more than 10 people. Looking at a financial aspect of it, the Price would be $15 per ton of CO2 being released, resulting in an estimated $80 Billion being generated in revenue for the national government that would be injected back into American's lives.