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This is, seriously, the easiest way to make your own podcast. Our generation is very opinionated, let's be honest, and that is a very good thing. A great way for us to get those opinions out there is through the use of a Podcast. The nice thing about Podcasts is that you can literally sit in your own PJs while recording a podcast with someone from halfway across the world or the room next to you. Anchor allows you to do ALL of that. And, you can even make money off of this? Yah, people are willing to pay you for making content. Not advertisers, but your own listeners. 


If you have a phone, an iPad or a computer, you should consider staring a podcast. You never know what the possibilities are. And Anchor makes it so easy for you to start your own Podcast. 

 Connecting your podcast to your Ineffable portfolio 

We have made it easy for you to connect your podcast to your Ineffable portfolio, thanks to the fact that you can upload the link to your podcast episode directly into your portfolio. When it comes to sharing it on the community, we recommend sharing your episodes in the Creative Works community. 


When you upload your podcast to your portfolio and the community, including details about your podcast's contents. This way you can find new people that can become potential listeners. We also recommend using hashtags in order to help grow your audience and platforms base. You can use the workspace to get comments and feedback from other Ineffable Members and your own podcats listeners, this way you can adapt your content to meet the needs of the people who make your podcast a reality! 

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