Welcome to Ineffable (previously known as CreatorCo). We are an organization focused on providing students an online digital workspace where they have the ability to publish there own works and create a digital portfolio they can use to apply to colleges, jobs, internships, etc. 


We started Ineffable because students in high school are juggling hundreds of different things around on a daily basis. There are clubs, and sports, and jobs, and internships, and classes, and grades, and homework, and college applications, and the future, and an entire dark rabbit hole that a student can fall down once they really start thinking about it. Then, one day, students are asked to put all of that information down on a piece of paper. But really, words aren't enough to describe a student... that's because students are ineffable.  


So, the whole concept behind the platform is that it's a place where students have a chance to not only build a portfolio that represents them and their values but also is a place where they have a chance to slow down and think for a bit. They have a chance to network with students from around the world. They have a chance to find something new to do. They have a chance to teach someone else about what they are doing. They have an endless chance to do what they want. The ineffable team just created the website. You, the member, have 100% control over how your future looks. You have control over how people see you. You have a chance, finally, to break out of what colleges "want" and show them what they should have. Not all of us do sports. Not all of us do AP or Honors. Not all of us do 100 million clubs. We all are special in our own way. We all have the chance to do something different and be valued for that. 


You finally have control. You can change the world... all you have to do is start creating. 


- Love, 

    The Ineffable Team 



We love hearing from you! You have a couple of different way of reaching us!


You can email us at - ineffable.education@gmail.com


You can Tweet at us @Ineffable_edu


You can DM us on Instagram @ineffable.education


But here is one of the coolest parts! You can actually DM us right here on the platform by going into the Member's Chat in the right-hand corner and either typing in "Ineffable Education" or typing in one of our moderator's names. 

Contact us using a contact from down below!




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